(1) Second Opinion Service

Have you ever been experienced the following cases? "Our agent's explanation is hard to understand.", "Our agent says it is difficult to overcome the rejections, but we would like to other opinions from other agents.", "We would like to know whether or not the written opinion our agent was made is proper.", etc.

In response to such opinions and requests, we provide "Second Opinion Service". As to the explanation and the written opinion your agent made , if you would like to get explanation and comments from a different point of view, please contact us.

"HARAKENZO more " provide high-quality second opinions based on various experiences and achievements in intellectual properties including trademarks

(2) Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Consultation

Through our SME Consultation, our firm offers specialized support for the unique needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. For details, please visit our SME Consultation page, which also includes information on strategic measures for protecting brands and IP.

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