Patent attorneys and attorneys at law who handle trademarks, designs, et cetera with high-level expertise are at our legal department full-time. "HARAKENZO more " provide high-quality legal services based on high-level strategies not just for trademark registration and design registration but also for the intellectual property field including, for example, plant variety registration, import/export suspension, semiconductor circuit layout, computer program registration, domain name registration, copyright, and unfair competition. "HARAKENZO more " have established support stations having respective specialties, and have constructed a full support system for all fields of intellectual properties.

"HARAKENZO more " have a broad and strong network with patent law firms from various countries around the world. With a full use of this network, we have worked on acquisition and utilization of high-quality intellectual property rights with sophisticated global strategies, in cooperation with these local firms not just in the leading countries but also even in medium-developed nations and developing countries. Our experienced experts will propose intellectual property strategies from the client's point of view, and accurately respond to the needs of all clients.

"HARAKENZO more " have "Tokyo Head Office", "Nagoya Office", "Osaka Head Office", and "Hiroshima Office" in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Hiroshima, respectively, which are major cities forming a main artery in Japan. "HARAKENZO more " have realized a "Pacific belt intellectual property strategy plan" in our daily business.

"HARAKENZO more " provide all clients with futuristic, advanced, unique and high-level "intellectual property strategy legal services" in close cooperate with the above four backbone offices with a full use of leading-edge communications technology. "HARAKENZO more " would highly appreciate it if you could make the most use of the legal services.




Toshiro KURODA
Patent&Trademark Attorney
Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation

Mr. Kuroda specialized in Biotechnology and Molecular and Cellular Biology at university and graduate school, where he carried out research into improving the function of proteins and the protein localization.

After graduate school, he worked for a cosmetics company at R&D division carrying out fundamental research and developing new products. Following this, he joined HARAKENZO WORLD PATENT & TRADEMARK, and became involved in patent prosecution for domestic and international cases in the fields of biotechnology and chemistry. After qualifying as a patent attorney and a specially qualified attorney for infringement litigation, he also gained experience in license agreements, expert opinions, consulting, litigation and so on. Currently, he not only carries out patent-related work, but handles cases from all areas of intellectual property, including design and trademark cases.

"In recent years, as the globalization of business has continued, competition has become much fiercer. In this fiercely competitive environment, outstanding technology is of course important, but it is not enough on its own. With only technical superiority, it is increasingly difficult to maintain a distinctive value.

"Therefore, to differentiate oneself from others and to increase one's competitiveness, in addition to technology, it is vital to incorporate design and brand into a multi-layered IP strategy. In order to increase the value of our clients' businesses, I aim to help provide a service that fully satisfies the demands of our clients in all fields of intellectual property."

Legal Headquarter General Manager
Attorney at Law
Patent and Trademark Attorney

After graduating from university (faculty of law), Mr. Nishiyama passed the patent attorney examination in 2003, and had worked for our firm since 2007.

After passing the preliminary bar examination and the bar examination, he completed a legal apprenticeship in 2020 and has returned to our firm.

Our firm is here to offer high-quality legal services to benefit clients by serving as a business strategist to work together. Nothing makes us happier than clients' satisfaction, which is also our lifeblood. To build a good, lasting, strong, and trusting relationship, we always make sincere efforts to serve clients, bearing gratitude for the clients.

We do our best to provide high-quality legal services that clients are satisfied with not only for our existing clients but also for new clients who consider starting a business relationship with us or who give us the opportunity to serve. We wish to be of your help in the future.

We hope to build a good, lasting, strong, and trusting relationship with overseas local agents, sometimes involving cooperation with each other. In addition, we provide the agents with high-quality legal services relating to Japanese intellectual property.

Osaka Legal Strategy Department General Manager
Patent&Trademark Attorney
Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation

Akinori HACHIYA graduated from the Law Department of Doshisya University. His specialty covers Design, Trademark, Copyright and Unfair Competition Prevention Law. He is presently a member of JPAA.

Intellectual property becomes more and more important these days. Under the circumstances, I’m doing my best everyday with responsibility and pride in handling IP cases.
I will make every efforts to meet the demands of our clients.

Kazunori TAKEDA
Osaka Legal Strategy Department Trademark Division Manager
Legal Strategy Department
Patent&Trademark Attorney
Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation

Majored in science of business law.

Specialized in design, trademark, copyright, computer program registration, semiconductor circuit layout-design registration.

As a patent attorney, I feel a great responsibility for establishing and protecting our clients’ important intellectual property rights.

I will make every effort to be of great assistance to our clients.

Osaka Legal Strategy Department Design Division Manager
Patent&Trademark Attorney

Majored in Course of Environmental Economics, Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics

With my experience as a paralegal in charge of various intellectual property-related services for overseas clients in our Secretariat and Administration Department for residents abroad since 2006, I will try my best to provide our clients with fine-tuned services to meet various demands through my daily works.

Osaka Legal Strategy Department Design Division Assistant Manager
Patent&Trademark Attorney

A good design creates a great marketability, differentiating clients' goods from others.

Seeking for our clients' satisfaction, I strive to protect their valuable intellectual properties including design.

Osaka Legal Strategy Department Trademark Division Assistant Manager

I feel importance of intellectual properties which produce unlimited value from superior ideas has been increasing in various situations of modern society.

I will try my best to deal with my daily work so as to help our clients’ businesses.

Legal Strategy Department

Importance of intellectual property is increasing in modern society. Under the circumstances, in the field of intellectual property rights, particularly trademark and design rights, I will strive to make a positive contribution to our clients' businesses.

Shinpei KASHII
Legal Strategy Department
Juris Doctor degree

I majored in laws in my university.
My goal is not only responding to our clients' requests exactly but also always offer our clients results plus something extra.
For this goal, I would like to make daily efforts with constantly improving my knowledge on patents.

Tatsuya YONEDA
Legal Strategy Department

Graduated from Faculty of Law

I want to provide best works for our clients so as to gain trusts from our clients and keep the trusts, just like a trademark, which is one type of intellectual properties and an embodiment of trusts in services having been built up for a long time.

Legal Strategy Department

I would like to devote myself to intellectual property services and improvement in my ability as a legal department staff, in order to earn our clients' trusts.

Hiroto Itoh
Legal Strategy Department

I aim to make constant efforts to improve my knowledge about intellectual property rights in order to deserve your trust and confidence in our service.


Kenjiro FUJITA
Patent&Trademark Attorney

Specialized in agricultural chemistry and human enviromentology

Based on my experiences of not only patent applications and prosecutions but also contracting work such as licensing in all areas of intellectual property, I aim to keep honing my skills and provide services relating to intellectual property including design and trademark, etc.

Office Manager / Tokyo Legal Strategy Department General Manager
Legal Strategy Department
Patent&Trademark Attorney

Mr. ISHIGURO, born in 1980, is a bachelor of economics

He is mainly in charge of Trade Mark, Design, and Unfair Competition Prevention Act.

I would like to build such a relationship with clients that the clients can ask for consultation without hesitation, by maintaining mutual exchange of views on regular basis. I will continue to devote myself to:

• Speedy commitment for satisfaction of clients

• Result truly desired by clients

Patent Strategy Department manager
Patent&Trademark Attorney / Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation

Morio NAKAO, born in 1978, obtained a Master of Environmental Engineering from Osaka University. His specialty covers Biotechnology, high polymer chemistry and Environmental Sanitary Engineering.

I will make the most of my variety of experiences so as to contribute to our clients’ benefit.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or problems concerning intellectual property such as patent, design, and trademark.

Tokyo Legal Strategy Department Trademark Division Manager / Legal Strategy Department
Patent&Trademark Attorney

Born 1987
Majored in law at Nihon University
Specialties: Design & Trademark

The environment surrounded by intellectual property is increasing daily on a worldwide scale. Bearing that in mind while always in accordance with the expectations of the client, I will work hard to grow and improve my skills.

Shuichi GOINO
Tokyo Legal Strategy Department Trademark Division Assistant Manager
Patent&Trademark Attorney

Majored in Law
Worked three years as an investigator in the Trademark Division of the Japan Patent Office

Utilizing my experience at the Japan Patent Office, I will strive daily to further improve my skills and make my utmost efforts to provide services for our clients' diverse businesses.

Patent&Trademark Attorney

Graduated from the department of science, majored in mathematics
Area of expertise: designs, trademarks, copyright

In addition to my experience in the practical use of rights (application, granting and exercise of rights, etc.), as a patent and trademark attorney I also make the best use of my experience in working with licensing contracts and right transfer. From day to day I continue to study the rapid changes of the IP industry and am devoted to meeting the demands of all clients.

Tokyo Legal Strategy Department Design Division Manager
Patent&Trademark Attorney

I majored in the intellectual property law course at the graduate school of business law, and have worked as a patent attorney ever since. With full use of the researches I made in that source and the experiences as a patent attorney, I would like to satisfy our customers' needs as best as I can.

Tokyo Legal Strategy Department Design Division Assistant Manager
Patent&Trademark Attorney

Main Area of Practice: Information-Technology-related field

I have job experiences as an IT systems engineer, and have achievements in invention assessment, software licensing business, and copyright license agreement. Making use of the experiences and achievements, I will commit myself to serving clients needs and maximizing clients' benefits. Please feel free to contact us.

Patent&Trademark Attorney

I aim to maximize the value of our clients' intellectual property, mainly for trademarks and designs, and will provide satisfactory services.

Chinese Attorney-at-law

I majored in intellectual property laws in my university and my graduate school. In particular, I studied trademark laws in terms of issues such as parody trademarks.

I would like to do my best as a Chinese patent attorney with full use of my experience and knowledge in intellectual property so as to protect our clients' benefits.

Legal Strategy Department

Graduated from faculty of law, department of law

I think that intellectual properties are essential for fair and sound development of society and economy.

I would like to do my work while being attentive to daily changes in Japan and overseas.

Legal Strategy Department

I studied Russian Literature at my graduate school. I would like to do my work with full sense of responsibility for all the details of my work and placing great importance on communications with our clients.

Legal Strategy Department

I spent a year in Canada as an international student at a university. I would like to work hard to improve my knowledge of intellectual property rights and make myself useful as a trustful partner for your business.

Kim You Jin
Legal Strategy Department

After studying at a graduate school in Japan (specialty: classical literature), I am now involved in the operations related to intellectual property rights.
I will do my best every day so as to firmly protect our customers' precious ideas.

Ryosuke NITTA
Legal Strategy Department・France Support Station

Majored in French literature
I will keep honing my skills, and strive to return the results to our clients and society.


Representative of Hiroshima Office
Department manager
Hiroshima Legal Strategy Division Manager
Patent&Trademark Attorney
Ph.D. in Animal, Nutrition and Food Sciences

Born in 1981
Research Experience: Molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, endocrinology, and immunology Field of Expertise: Biotechnology, medical drags, and diagnostic drugs

I have accumulated experience as a researcher of biology and medical drugs for more than 10 years in university and pharmaceutical company. Through my research experience, I became acutely aware of the importance of intellectual property rights, which is why I jumped into the intellectual property industry.

With my rich expert knowledge as a researcher, I exert my best efforts not only to enhance protection and utilization of our valued clients' inventions to the maximum extent, but also to boost the entire bio-related industry.


Representative of Nagoya Office
General Manager
Patent&Trademark Attorney

Teru YAMAMOTO, born in 1965, obtained BS in applied physics from Waseda University. He handles mainly electrical and electronics engineering and semiconductor engineering. He is presently a member of JPAA.

After working as a semiconductor engineer, I came to be engaged in IP practices to have business experiences in patent law firms and IP department of business enterprise.
Making good use of such experiences, I will realize acquisition of rights to meet the clients' needs.

Department manager / Deputy Representative of Nagoya Office / Legal Strategy Department Assistant Manager/Nagoya Legal Strategy Division Manager/Venture Support Station Consultation Chief Advisor / Office Manager / IP Manager
Patent&Trademark Attorney / Specialist

Majored in Law

The acquisition and exploitation of intellectual property rights has the potential to bring solutions to the issues faced by our clients in the pursuit of their business objectives. It thus constitutes a crucial element of their business plan.

Keeping the above in mind, it is my goal, as a patent attorney, to work for the smooth acquisition and exploitation of our client’s intellectual property rights. In this way, I hope to achieve the central principle of our firm’s philosophy: “maximize our clients’ satisfaction and benefit”.

Takayuki HAYASHI
Legal Strategy Department

I try to provide timely services with integrity so as to contribute to client's business development. To this end, I make daily effort to keep myself growing.

Legal Strategy Department

With my experience in patent law firms, I will make every possible effort to provide finely tuned services that are fully tailored to various needs of our clients.