(1) Introduction

The automotive industry is now entering an era of revolutionary change.

Since environmental regulations have been rapidly tightened on a global scale, electric vehicles (EV) or fuel-cell vehicles (FCV), each of which emits no carbon dioxide, will become, in the near future, a worldwide standard for automobiles in the years to come.

In the trend of the times in which gasoline engines are regarded as a past product, different types of business will enter the automotive industry. This is because a power output section such as a motor can be relatively easily developed, and the power output section can be developed as long as a secondary battery such as a lithium-ion battery is provided.

Moreover, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and automated driving technology, which puts big data to practical use, have been researched and developed all over Japan by the government and private sectors which are hand-in-hand with each other. Worldwide competition in the research and development is becoming fierce competition.

"HARAKENZO more " provide you with this page so as to let you know a trademark registering method suitable for the automotive industry which has entered a historical transition period.

(2) Automobiles, and their parts and fittings, etc.

In a case where a trademark of a motor vehicle is registered in Japan, Class 12 "Automobiles, and their parts and fittings" is designated.

As a subordinate concept, "hybrid automobiles", "plug-in electric automobiles", "fuel cell electric automobiles", "hydrogen-powered automobiles", "automated driving automobiles", "autonomous automobiles", etc. can be positively designated.

Most of automobile parts, such as "engines for automobiles" and "tyres for automobiles", are also classified into Class 12. Exceptionally, however, "parts of engines for automobiles", "headlights for automobiles", and "floor mats for automobiles" are classified into Class 7, Class 11, and Class 27, respectively.

(3) Automated driving system, etc.

A trademark of a name of an automated driving system which is now in the midst of a development race is of course to be registered.

A computer program and AI, which form the heart of automated driving, are to be classified into Class 9 "Computer Programs". Providing others with big data for automated driving is to be classified into Class 35 "Collection, Management, and Analysis of Information on Big Data".

Testing or researching big data for others is to be classified into Class 42 "Testing or Research on Big Data".

These days, however, since the automated driving system is rapidly progressing, the names of goods and services have not caught up with such a rapid progress, and there are very few examples in which examinations related to "AI" and "Big Data" were adopted.

Even under the above circumstances, we recommend positively designating the goods or the service. As a result of examination of the goods or the service, a reason for refusal may be raised to the goods or the service. An appropriate response to the reason for refusal, however, will allow you to obtain the trademark right.

(4) IoT × AI Support Station and Venture Support Station

"HARAKENZO more " have established "IoT × AI Support Station" constituted by specialists in support services for obtaining and utilizing rights of IoT and AI technologies. If you wish to obtain a right regarding computerization of automobiles, causing automobiles to be electric-powered, an automated driving system, etc., please do not hesitate to see "IoT × AI Support Station" in our home page.

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