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Toshiro KURODA
Patent&Trademark Attorney
Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation

Mr. Kuroda specialized in Biotechnology and Molecular and Cellular Biology at university and graduate school, where he carried out research into improving the function of proteins and the protein localization.

After graduate school, he worked for a cosmetics company at R&D division carrying out fundamental research and developing new products. Following this, he joined HARAKENZO WORLD PATENT & TRADEMARK, and became involved in patent prosecution for domestic and international cases in the fields of biotechnology and chemistry. After qualifying as a patent attorney and a specially qualified attorney for infringement litigation, he also gained experience in license agreements, expert opinions, consulting, litigation and so on. Currently, he not only carries out patent-related work, but handles cases from all areas of intellectual property, including design and trademark cases.

“In recent years, as the globalization of business has continued, competition has become much fiercer. In this fiercely competitive environment, outstanding technology is of course important, but it is not enough on its own. With only technical superiority, it is increasingly difficult to maintain a distinctive value.

“Therefore, to differentiate oneself from others and to increase one’s competitiveness, in addition to technology, it is vital to incorporate design and brand into a multi-layered IP strategy. In order to increase the value of our clients’ businesses, I aim to help provide a service that fully satisfies the demands of our clients in all fields of intellectual property.”


Special Counsel
Patent&Trademark Attorney

Born in 1944. Graduated from university in 1967. Passed national patent attorney examination in 1969 and worked in successive posts as a section head and manager in several fields in a corporation’s intellectual property section.

After reaching retirement age, took post as a specially commissioned lecturer at Nara Institute of Science and Technology (Dec. 2003 – Mar. 2012). Currently taking post as a part-time lecturer at Nara Institute of Science and Technology.

I will use my experience gained working at a corporation and a university to support this firm’s operations.

(a) Technical affiliation and technical cooperation (strategy planning, negotiation, contract, and the like) Cooperative development, contract development, technological assistance, introduction, and licensing, patent and know-how licensing.
(b) Handling varisou types of troubles concerning intellectual property (dispute such as litigation and negotiation with domestic and foreign companies concerning patent, trademark and design).
(c) Management of domestic/foreign design and trademark (analysis, prosecution, contestation, consultation, brand management, handling copied products, and the like)
(d) Cases concerning program copyrights, security of trade secrets, employee’s invention, and the like.


Secretariat and Administration Department PCT Applications Department Manager
Office Manager / IP Manager
Patent&Trademark Attorney

Yasuo NISHIYAMA graduated from the Law Department
(liberal arts) of Ritsumeikan University. His specialty covers Intellectual Property Law. He is presently a member of JPAA.

When I was a university student, I got interested in intellectual property rights through a study for the Customs Broker exam, and decided to be a Patent Attorney. After passing the Patent Attorney exam, I have brushed up my English for patent practice and have learned basic laws to have the legal mind. Further increasing my knowledge of patent practice and laws, I’d like to offer best services to our clients.


Osaka Legal Department General Manager / Osaka Design Division Manager
Patent&Trademark Attorney
Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation

Akinori HACHIYA graduated from the Law Department of Doshisya University. His specialty covers Design, Trademark, Copyright and Unfair Competition Prevention Law. He is presently a member of JPAA.

Intellectual property becomes more and more important these days. Under the circumstances, I’m doing my best everyday with responsibility and pride in handling IP cases.
I will make every efforts to meet the demands of our clients.


Legal Department Assistant Manager
Venture Support Station Consultation Chief Advisor / Office Manager / IP Manager
Patent&Trademark Attorney

Majored in Law
The acquisition and exploitation of intellectual property rights has the potential to bring solutions to the issues faced by our clients in the pursuit of their business objectives. It thus constitutes a crucial element of their business plan.

Keeping the above in mind, it is my goal, as a patent attorney, to work for the smooth acquisition and exploitation of our client’s intellectual property rights. In this way, I hope to achieve the central principle of our firm’s philosophy: “maximize our clients’ satisfaction and benefit”.


Kazunori TAKEDA
Osaka Trademark Division Manager
Legal Department
Patent&Trademark Attorney
Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation

Majored in science of business law.

Specialized in design, trademark, copyright, computer program registration, semiconductor circuit layout-design registration.

As a patent attorney, I feel a great responsibility for establishing and protecting our clients’ important intellectual property rights.

I will make every effort to be of great assistance to our clients.


Legal Department
Patent&Trademark Attorney

Majored in Course of Environmental Economics, Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics

With my experience as a paralegal in charge of various intellectual property-related services for overseas clients in our Secretariat and Administration Department for residents abroad since 2006, I will try my best to provide our clients with fine-tuned services to meet various demands through my daily works.


Bochao XIE
Legal Department
Patent&Trademark Attorney

I will devote myself to my daily business for the purpose of pursuing international intellectual property strategies for individual clients and providing prompt and high quality services.


Legal Department
Patent&Trademark Attorney

A good design creates a great marketability, differentiating clients’ goods from others.

Seeking for our clients’ satisfaction, I strive to protect their valuable intellectual properties including design.


Legal Department

Everyday products are protected by a wide variety of Intellectual Property rights.

Our clients demand appropriate protection for their products through these IP rights.

I continue to study and make daily efforts so that I can handle each of our clients’ demands individually and carefully, and uphold our firm’s long-lasting relationships with its clients.


Legal Department

I believe trademark and design are the source of prosperity of all clients.

I will sincerely make a positive contribution to the clients with pride as a professional.


Legal Department

I feel importance of intellectual properties which produce unlimited value from superior ideas has been increasing in various situations of modern society.

I will try my best to deal with my daily work so as to help our clients’ businesses.


Legal Department

Major in Law

The importance of protection of intellectual properties is increasing as the global society develops.

Under the circumstances, I am determined to make efforts to meet customer’s expectations and to considerably and promptly provide better services for our customers.


Legal Department

With gratitude for requests from our clients, I will protect our clients’ intellectual properties in all sincerity.

I will make every effort to meet the demands of our clients.


Legal Department

Importance of intellectual property is increasing in modern society. Under the circumstances, in the field of intellectual property rights, particularly trademark and design rights, I will strive to make a positive contribution to our clients’ businesses.


The following staffs have passed the Patent Attorney Examination in 2017 Legal Department

Majored in Law.
I will make every effort to fulfill our clients’ expectations, keeping in mind to always smile.

〈Greetings from Nozomi KUROKAWA〉
This year, I have passed the Japan Patent Attorney Examination of 2017.
With this experience, I am committed to further hone my skills to provide our clients with good quality services.
Please feel free to contact us.


Legal Department

Majored in law.

I strive daily to provide our clients with swift assistance that fully and accurately addresses
their business needs.
I look forward to serving you in the near future.




Kenjiro FUJITA
Patent&Trademark Attorney

Specialized in agricultural chemistry and human enviromentology

Based on my experiences of not only patent applications and prosecutions but also contracting work such as licensing in all areas of intellectual property, I aim to keep honing my skills and provide services relating to intellectual property including design and trademark, etc.


Tokyo Legal Department General Manager / Tokyo Design Division Manager
Patent&Trademark Attorney

Mr. ISHIGURO, born in 1980, is a bachelor of economics

He is mainly in charge of Trade Mark, Design, and Unfair Competition Prevention Act.

I would like to build such a relationship with clients that the clients can ask for consultation without hesitation, by maintaining mutual exchange of views on regular basis. I will continue to devote myself to:

• Speedy commitment for satisfaction of clients

• Result truly desired by clients


Patent Department manager
Patent&Trademark Attorney / Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation

Morio NAKAO, born in 1978, obtained a Master of Environmental Engineering from Osaka University. His specialty covers Biotechnology, high polymer chemistry and Environmental Sanitary Engineering.

I will make the most of my variety of experiences so as to contribute to our clients’ benefit.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or problems concerning intellectual property such as patent, design, and trademark.


Tokyo Trademark Division Manager / Legal Department
Patent&Trademark Attorney

Born 1987
Majored in law at Nihon University
Specialties: Design & Trademark

The environment surrounded by intellectual property is increasing daily on a worldwide scale. Bearing that in mind while always in accordance with the expectations of the client, I will work hard to grow and improve my skills.


Shuichi GOINO
Patent&Trademark Attorney

Majored in Law
Worked three years as an investigator in the Trademark Division of the Japan Patent Office

Utilizing my experience at the Japan Patent Office, I will strive daily to further improve my skills and make my utmost efforts to provide services for our clients’ diverse businesses.


Shoutarou IKEDA
Patent&Trademark Attorney

Graduated from law department.
Apart from business planning and consultant work I gained experience in various types of occupations fields like hotel business, etc.. It goes without saying that I strive every day to swiftly and accurately provide our clients with the outcome they are looking for and to produce clearly understandable results and proposals that match and even exceed their expectations.

Should you have any questions regarding IP matter and what surrounds it, please do not hesitate to contact me. I shall be happy if I can become the “family doctor” that you can approve of and rely on.


Legal Department

We can contribute further to the development of our customers through the use of rights of design and trademark.

I am determined to support our customers in not only filing applications and acquiring the rights but also the overall intellectual property business.

We will responsibly receive any request, promptly and reliably perform my duty, and redouble efforts as an intellectual property professional.

Please contact us at your convenience.


Legal Department

Graduate in law

I approach my tasks always with great sense of “sincerity, humility, and contribution”.

I will make my utmost efforts to provide good services to our clients. I’m looking forward to doing business with you.


Legal Department

Graduated faculty of law

I consider constantly the needs of our clients and how I can best apply my efforts to assist them. For this reason I am always building up my knowledge of relevant matters and paying close attention to IP and various other fields. I will do my best to assist our clients.





Shinji IMANO
DEPUTY DIRECTOR GENERAL << in charge of physical fields >>
Representative of Hiroshima Office
Patent&Trademark Attorney / Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation

Shinji IMANO, BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tokyo, researched in Mechanical Engineering and Combustion Engineering of diesel engines.

After graduating from the university, he worked for a private automotive company and involved in technical management of production facilities.

Following this, he joined HARAKENZO WORLD PATENT & TRADEMARK, and began to be involved in the prosecution of domestic and foreign patent cases in the field of Physics.

After qualifying as a Patent & Trademark Attorney and becoming a Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation, he widened his field of practice to include expert testimony, and consulting services and so on.

“As a high school student, I made up my mind to provide the technologies useful for people. To accomplish the goal, I believe it is essential to provide long-term satisfaction to all of our clients. I’ll do my best with honesty to combine all of the abilities of each staff member of our firm, in order to provide excellent services that cannot be obtained through mere combination of individuals’ abilities.”



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